Letter From the Editor

Theatre has been a lifelong passion of mine. Since elementary school, a piece of me has always felt like I belonged to live story-telling. I remember being a mouse in my school production of Cinderella — a direct rip-off of the 1950 Disney princess movie. I fell in love with the art and kept auditioning for roles: I landed Mr. Smee in Peter Pan in fifth grade and learned the power of humor, while wearing a fat-suit.

In high school, I took the leap again and rediscovered the same joy I felt at 10-years-old. This time, my boyfriend was by my side through it all and while our love for each other began to blossom, so did our love for the stage. We found community in the other thespians and quickly decided the stage would always have a place in our lives.

As I reached college, it became apparent that acting would not be my path in life. I swiftly turned to journalism with the same amount of love for the art of language as the love I had for performing. I’ve auditioned for mainstage performances and done what I can to support the NAU theatre department.

This semester, I joined the event promotions team for the department and, through the team, found a love for collaborative marketing for theatre. At the moment, my dream is to one day write about Broadway performances and, perhaps, have a hand in marketing live theatre.

Of course, life has unexpected twists and turns and nothing is guaranteed. As of now, I’m just loving what I’m doing and living in the moment. Here’s to achieving one’s dreams and ignoring people’s perception of impossibilities.

Break a leg,

Kylie Soto

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