Letter from the Editor

Once again it’s that time of the semester when being a news editor qualifies me to give some wisdom, maybe get a little sentimental, drop a few tips for the readers of The Lumberjack. So here’s my advice to you, and I need you to remember this carefully. 

“City council is like a box of chocolates” quote from News Editor Daisy Johnston. 

Guys I’m joking. That was a joke. Inside this brain there is more than just a robotic editing machine filled with briefs and policy. I also have feelings (and dabble in the comedic arts). 

Last year I wrote something silly, but honestly, I have no idea how many more letters from the editor I’ve got to do and I’m starting to worry there aren’t enough jokes left in the world! 

So, I’m going to write about something I learned during my time at college and that is, you can’t change other people. This is going to be a tough one for some of us here at The Lumberjack to accept —you don’t become an editor because you hate control. 

September 18, 2022. That’s something guaranteed to scare many of the editors who read our paper. But I think all of us would rather face bad grammar than we would a bad friend. With a keyboard and a smile, we can let our writers know, AP style prefers September to be abbreviated and the year 2022 is already implied. 

Unfortunately, you can’t Sept. 18 the people in your life. If you feel so bold, you can make edits and suggestions, but you can’t change them to be the way you want. Simply said, if you’re not being treated right, don’t waste your time fixing things, leave. 

However, the consistency of human beings is also one of the most amazing things about them. Last semester, for example, one of my friends became a lot closer with a different group of people. Because I’m not always as confident as I’d like to be, I worried she wouldn’t want to be friends with me anymore. The first time she took me to meet her new friends, one of them said, “Oh, you’re the editor!”

Might sound small to you, but even behind my computer now, I am getting teary eyed and embarrassed. Anyways, you get what I’m saying here? People are reliable. It’s not always a bad thing that you can’t change other people. 

I don’t know what’s out there in the universe, I don’t really think anyone does. But what I do know is that you, as amazing as you may be, are only you and you can’t fix this one on your own. So throw those annoying people out for the universe to handle and take comfort knowing that the people who love you always will.

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College life is so great and so complex. Great article.

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