Message from the Executive Board

Issue 13, Volume 113 of The Lumberjack is dedicated to both the women in the world and the environment. We decided to merge these two themes and create our Mother Nature issue. 

That being said, this semester’s Executive Board at The Lumberjack is unique, in that it is the first time in which the board is made up entirely of women — talk about breaking the glass ceiling of the industry. 

Senior MacKenzie Brower is the current Editor-in-Chief at The Lumberjack after working for the publication for eight semesters. Juniors Camille Sipple and Kylie Soto currently maintain the positions of Managing Editor and Copy Editor; they have dedicated their time to The Lumberjack since their first semester at NAU. Junior Emily Gerdes has worked for the paper for four semesters and is currently the Director of Digital Content and Social Media. Junior Lydia Nelson is the Director of Marketing and is currently in her first semester with The Lumberjack. Senior Lauren Gomez is currently the Director of Print Design and has worked at the paper for three semesters. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Lumberjack and take a few minutes to appreciate all the hard work and dedication our staff has put into this issue, and every issue we publish. We would also like to take the time to thank all our seniors who have given endless hours of effort in order to help make this publication what it is today. We appreciate you.


The Lumberjack Executive Board

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