It’s 2018. Why are we still skipping foreplay? I’ve heard complaints many times before, how men often opt-out of oh-so-necessary foreplay. This is wrong, and honestly, unsafe for so many reasons.

Just because they skip it in the movies, doesn’t mean you can skip it in real life. I mean, you can, but you really shouldn’t. Think of foreplay as the warm-up. You’re not going to run a 5K without warming up and stretching first, right? I would hope not.

In straight couples, foreplay is especially important in terms of safety for the woman. It is about more than just arousal. During the acts of foreplay, multiple things happen to a woman’s body that makes sex not just more enjoyable, but physically possible without pain. When a woman becomes aroused, there is an increase of blood flow to the vaginal walls, causing fluid to pass through. This is usually the main source of the lubrication needed to have sexual intercourse. Apart from that, acts of foreplay cause the vagina to stretch, making sex more comfortable for the woman. If there is not enough lubrication or stretch, the aftermath can be very painful on the female side. Sex is usually better when one of the parties isn’t in immense, involuntary pain.

Aside from the health and safety benefits, foreplay is also very important for women to experience an orgasm. While foreplay is enjoyable for men, it is not necessary for them to reach orgasm. For women, however, the buildup in arousal is almost always necessary to reach what is so often referred to as “the big O.”

Foreplay is not just important for straight couples, though. Foreplay is important in any sexual encounter.

While lesbian couples often don’t fall short in the area of foreplay, it is still necessary for both parties to have a good experience. The reason many lesbian women don’t struggle with foreplay is because, aside from other methods of penetration, foreplay is the basis of lesbian sex.

Male, gay couples also need to engage in foreplay for similar reasons as straight couples. Diving straight into sex with another man could cause a lot of pain for the other person. So no matter who you like, skipping foreplay is never the right option for you.

And, quite frankly, foreplay is imperative for the overall enjoyment of sex. It is not supposed to feel like a job. It’s supposed to be fun. If you know what to do and why it is important, the foreplay in your sexual relationships may improve, and, in turn, so will your sex life.

Get educated, get dedicated and stop skipping foreplay.

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