Letter From the Editor

I was terrified before this semester — terrified of not making any friends, of failing my classes and most of all, terrified I wouldn’t measure up to expectations in my new role at The Lumberjack.

I’m happy to say I was terrified for nothing. I have met some pretty cool friends, most of whom also work here at the paper. I’m not failing any classes so far, and I’m actually really enjoying my time as assistant Op-Ed editor.

Starting freshman year at the pinnacle of the pandemic left me confused and frustrated. I felt behind in the friends department, and I still deal with major impostor syndrome. But diving into new things head-first has been miraculous for my growth. I am learning to be more sure of myself, to take deep breaths and that generally, nothing is as bad as it seems.

I can best describe my experiences this semester by saying this: I have taken a lot of small leaps of faith. No crazy, big risks; just small ways to push me out of my comfort zone.

The first leap of faith I took this fall was taking this position; it has worked out well so far. Another has been making efforts to befriend everybody around me, and that has gone pretty well, too. My most recent was auditioning for Elevation, NAU’s premier mixed acapella group. To my shock, that also went in my favor.

Of course, it won’t always. But in my book, failure after making an effort beats never trying. There is a small win in the fact that I tried at all, and besides, I likely learned something. The Aries in me wants to be the best. I’m learning now that I don’t need to be, I just need to try.

I appreciate my new friends and experiences more than anything — and they each became reachable when I took a few small leaps of faith.

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