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OPINION: Squandering on military adventurism and increasing income inequality while imposing austerity on domestic social spending can only lead to the demise of the United States.

REVIEW: In the first film produced during quarantine, “Songbird” delivers an underwhelming plot with subpar acting that focuses on a fictional and mutated version of COVID-19 years from now. 

REVIEW: @malcolmariefilm showcases two individuals in a relationship that can only see the bad in each other, but makes the viewer extremely uncomfortable in the process.

OPINION: Too many people based their vote on social media posts, misinformation and a blatant lack of research. As United States citizens, we need to do better when contributing to the future of our country by taking voting more seriously.

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (@bookmansflag) was on an adventure to catch 'em all. All Pokémon fans who wanted to trade, game and battle got to indulge in a day dedicated to the video game series.