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OPINION: Graduating college in four years is not likely for most students. Driven by their own monetary gain from students, universities prevent students from living up to this time-limited expectation.


With the scarcity of life on college campuses due to #COVID19, in-person entertainment and #campuslife perks may no longer be a cost-effective measure.

Selecting a major in college is a big deal. The current process of how we select and pursue programs on campus can be reworked into a more efficient system. #collegelife #major #undergrad

All across the nation, teachers are given an insufficient salary, and that is especially true in Arizona. Many have decided enough is enough, and are advocating for higher pay through the Red for Ed movement.

Bullying is happening in schools nationwide. Although it is still a problem in local schools, Flagstaff School District works to prevent bullying on their campuses. 

The United Nations Climate Talk, also known as COP23, will be held Nov. 6 through Nov. 17 in Bonn, Germany. UA and NAU alumna Karina Gonzalez will lead the talk and speak out against President Donald rump for his decision to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.