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With @drewbrees retiring at the end of the 2020 season, discussion has swirled around him and his status among the top quarterbacks in NFL history. By looking at his play, stats and overall accomplishments, Brees is easily a top-five all-time quarterback.


MMA is a sport that many people see as violent and dangerous. In my experience, it has taught me strength, discipline and the mental mindset to fight through any struggle that I face. @UFC @MMA

With a new NASCAR season set to begin, it's time to explain why racing is one of the best sports in the world and how it sets itself apart from the popular sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball and football.

Some people love to create art while others enjoy math. For athletes, however, the feeling they get when they stop on the field and have the opportunity to play the sport they love brings them the most joy.

NAU's men's basketball senior forward Brooks DeBisschop's final year is coming to a close. From being honored as an Academic All-American to being a star on the court, interim head coach Shane Burcar attributes it all to his work ethic. @NAU

The sports media world has always been labeled as a man's career. It used to be normal to turn on a sports game and see or hear men discuss the action taking place. Nevertheless, the time for women to get the opportunities they deserve has come, as more women are making their mark in the sports media industry.

NAU athletics has been planning to build a new performance center for its athletes for close to a year now. With the building projected to break ground in March 2020, NAU sees the new building as a way to help both its athletes, as well as the entire student body after it's completion.

The NAU Esports club (@nau_esports) is getting an upgrade with a new virtual reality lab. Club members and faculty have recognized the growing popularity and legitimacy of the sport, as they continue to foster its development on campus.