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OPINION: Those who participate in protests put their lives at risk by fighting against corporations and militarized police who take lives with the pull of a trigger. Activists are champions of society who deserve acknowledgment and admiration.

OPINION: Throughout an immensely complex pandemic, commercial airline pilots have guaranteed delivery of people and cargo alike. Without their help, who knows where society would be. 

OPINION: As one of the most consumed mediums of art, music affects people massively. Although songs may not necessarily stand between life and death, they can take on an influential role in keeping spirits alive.

OPINION: Social media influencers often have more power than traditional celebrities, and this power tends to be abused as they promote unattainable beauty standards and unrealistic lifestyles. People should be wary of who they deem role models, even if they are “relatable.”

Heroes inspire people to reach their full potential. To be courageous and inspire others, NAU students share the same belief: These figures do not need super powers.

As the pandemic continues to its 22nd consecutive month, @NAHFlagstaff faces a daily battle with preventing the spread of COVID-19. The NAU School of Nursing provides students with clinical opportunities through FMC, where they are exposed to the current medical crisis.