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Heroes inspire people to reach their full potential. To be courageous and inspire others, NAU students share the same belief: These figures do not need super powers.

As students make their return back to Flagstaff for the upcoming semester, they reminisced on their summer adventures and what they did to keep safe while away.

As students find their home in Flagstaff, clubs are integral to create an atmosphere of belonging. Students from various on-campus organizations talk about being a part of some of the 375 clubs on campus and share tips on how to keep an effective schedule. 


As a new student to Flagstaff’s mountain town, an encompassing guide on what to do when one comes up to NAU could be helpful. These upperclassmen voice their opinions on how time is best spent in a mountain town.


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NAU students express their opinions on New Year’s resolutions and explain what some of their resolutions are for 2018.

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Through the lens similar to the blog Humans of New York, NAU students share insight into what their summer break entailed and their goals and expectations for their college experience at NAU.  

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Through the lens similar to the blog Humans of New York, inspirational stories and favorite memories are revealed by NAU graduates. It is during graduation that late nights spent at the library will have payed off. As the soon-to-be graduates walk across the stage during commencement and receive their diplomas, it will symbolize the ending of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one as they enter into the “real world.”