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A look back to 2020 trends that took over during the pandemic.From food trends such as whipped coffee to the hit show “Tiger King,” and video games, these trends made a huge impact during the time of the quarantine lockdown.

OPINION: The current political climate has caused an increase in celebrity involvement. Many argue that celebrities' ability to influence may sway the opinions of fans. Public figures do not owe you neutrality. 


Freshman Marius Britt (@Mariusbritt) shares songs inspired by his college experience on his album “Room 135.” The album, which dropped Feb. 21, was written, recorded and produced single-handedly by Britt in his dorm room.

Social media trends have resulted in an increase of cosmetic surgeries. Recipients of these procedures should not take the blame for promoting unrealistic standards set forth by society. #plasticsurgery #societalstandards