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OPINION: The war on drugs was not about decreasing drug use or increasing national response against drug use. The start of the war on drugs was meant to control minority communities by criminalizing the activities they participated in.

OPINION: With the clock ticking as climate change threatens to ruin our planet, one of the biggest culprits — the livestock industry — needs to be addressed as we do our part by limiting meat and dairy consumption.

OPINION: The long-awaited Met Gala and New York Fashion Week have overtaken mainstream media. But in the current political climate of the country, events celebrating the 1% are not what we need.

OPINION: Texas passed laws banning teachings of MLK, antihomelessness laws, and recently, a ban on abortion. This policy has been introduced under Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, ending Roe v. Wade, the constitutional right of women to be mindful of their own body.

OPINION: Sept. 1 was #ADayOffTwitch protesting the recent increase in hate raids on streams across the platform. Twitch stated it will be taking action to ensure the safety and comfort of all users and streamers, but it's too late.

OPINION: The #LGBTQ+ community’s existence has never hinged upon the efforts of women in America. Their fight is independent from the fight for women’s rights, to suggest otherwise is unjust toward those who ignited the flame for LGBTQ+ rights.

OPINION: Conservatives would rather misrepresent critical race theory in debates than think critically about what it is, why it exists and how it would help combat systemic racism in the U.S.