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OPINION: Being forced to hold a virtual commencement due to pandemic restrictions is no one’s desired solution. However, having these capabilities can make graduations more accessible in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic is turning one year old this month. Its impacts on the Flagstaff and NAU communities have been numerous. Over the past year, countless responses and discussions occurred within the community due to the pandemic’s effects.

As NAU administration works to find a replacement for President Rita Cheng, who announced in September she would not pursue a contract extension, students look for change in a new university president. 



After receiving push back and potential lawsuits from universities across the country, the Trump administration has decided to rescind the recent ICE order that would have resulted in the deportation of international students.

Whether assisting students in their organic chemistry classes or developing front-end visualizations for meteor strikes worldwide, the @NAU_AML is pushing the boundaries of technology on campus.

The NAU Esports club (@nau_esports) is getting an upgrade with a new virtual reality lab. Club members and faculty have recognized the growing popularity and legitimacy of the sport, as they continue to foster its development on campus.

On Oct. 28, a viral tweet of NAU students dressed up for Halloween as underprivileged individuals created public outrage. When NAU President Rita Cheng tweeted her response, it created almost as much backlash as the offensive costumes.