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The class of 2021 has called @NAU home for the last four years. This is their goodbye to the unforgettable views of the San Francisco Peaks, the classes they memorized AP Style in and the busy pedways that got them across campus. #ClassOf2021

OPINION: PillowTalks will be coming to an end with the dawn of a new year. Now, we have a fresh topic for the Opinion column.


On-campus jobs help @NAU students fund their education and cope with high living expenses. The university needs to address NAU's student job shortage by offering extended opportunities.

City council unanimously approved the progression of a climate emergency resolution for the @CityofFlagstaff. This is one step closer to combating #climatechange, but the city needs to act faster in declaring an official emergency.


The plans for an on-campus ice rink has been in place for some time. With multiple setbacks jeopardizing the project, it has been a tough road for the NAU IceJacks. Nevertheless, the idea of the ice rink becoming reality has gained ground. @icejacks @NAU