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The NBA is a favorite when it comes to basketball fans. But is the NBA overrated? College basketball is primarily known for March Madness —and those four days when brackets are made and fans cheer on teams they haven’t followed all season. 

College basketball is fueled by dedicated players who want to make it to the NBA while they still have passion.  These athletes still have something to prove, not only to their team and coaching staff, but also scouts and potential fans in the larger organizations. College players’ passion is notable compared to that of NBA players. 

While some NBA players may still have love for their sport, it has clearly become a money-obsessed business where the players care more about fame than the game. Players such as LeBron James and Michael Jordan tend to  show off the luxurious lifestyle of a professional athlete and their fans’ adoration. This creates a facade of how an NBA player lives. 

The game is supposed to be about the sport, not the players’ fame. Being able to play a sport professionally is a blessing for most and should remain a great experience. 

One factor that makes the NBA less interesting than college basketball is the calls and player actions. In the NBA, you see players being carried off with a broken finger or throwing themselves down onto the court when no one touched them. This goes to show how weak these players act, in comparison to college players who push through injury after injury. Being able to remain an active player on the court through minor injuries and bad calls is something that needs to change in NBA culture.

The constant demands and complaints from NBA players make the sport seem like a chore rather than something they love to do. NBA players are in the game for the paycheck, while college players are in the game for passion. 

Collegiate play has intense energy where the players are fighting for their own spot on the team. While indeed, the NBA has some players who care about the game, the number is vastly different between the two.

Another reason collegiate play is better than the NBA is tradition. Tradition is lost in the NBA besides possibly a few teams. Compared to colleges having traditions with the school and within other teams, it creates a bond between the players. 

Lastly, small schools can win games in college. The NBA has the same winners year after year, not allowing other teams to shine, not because of talent, but because of hype. 

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