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Manchester United finally decided to open its checkbook and spend some cash this offseason. Is it enough to make the team a frontrunner for the Premier League title, or is Manchester City going to prove they are the top team in town once again? 

The team brought in three huge signings this summer with winger Jadon Sancho, defender Raphael Varane and forward Cristiano Ronaldo — and didn’t have to fork over much money to do it. In total, Manchester United paid £76.5 million for Sancho, £36 million for Varane and £13.5 million for Ronaldo. 

Manchester City, meanwhile, paid £100 million for Jack Grealish. Think about that for a moment: £100 million for one player. Manchester United paid £126 million, in total, for the three superstars. Manchester United attacked all its weak points with these signings and is proving the desire to win now. 

Do not get it twisted: Manchester City still has a top-level squad. The club kept a lot of important players from last season, when it won the Premier League, but are they enough? Sergio Agüero was the main player who left, and that is going to hurt. The Argentine now plays as a striker for FC Barcelona. 

The problem for Manchester City is deciding who will play striker. Right now, it seems the team is trying out Ferran Torres and Raheem Sterling — but they are not real strikers, they are wingers, and the team is heavy at this position. Sooner or later, the squad will not be able to deal with the absence of a true striker. Maybe forward Harry Kane should have been signed? 

On the other hand, Manchester United has a good mixture of strikers and wingers. Forward Anthony Martial has proven he can be a lethal striker when he wants; forward Marcus Rashford scores goals for fun from both the wing and as a striker; Ronaldo is still one of the best goal scorers in the world at the age of 36 and Bruno Fernandes is a midfielder who scores regularly. This United team will undoubtedly rack up goals. Scoring has been a problem for the last decade, but now, it has players who can — and that’s terrifying. 

While it’s presumed this is going to be a close title race, the lack of a true number nine is scary. Both teams are solid defensively and have amazing midfielders, so getting goals will decide the title race. Manchester United has proven scorers, and Manchester City should have went all-out to sign Kane. So, is Manchester red again? I believe so. With the moves made this summer, the club has only become better. Manchester United is a title contender.

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