Weekly Take

The NFL has had an interesting season so far. With COVID-19 still playing a factor in scheduling and active rosters, the 2020 season has been like no other. However, the play by some teams in the American Football Conference (AFC) has definitely shaken up the playoff picture. 

To start, the current front-running team in the AFC East is the Buffalo Bills with a 6-2 record. The Bills have an emerging star in quarterback Josh Allen, who is taking control of the team. The Bills have a 4-0 divisional record, but the other team to keep a watchful eye on in this division is the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins took a risk last week starting rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. It paid off, as they got the win and have a spark from a young new leader. The New England Patriots have a losing record and no apparent team chemistry. The Patriots are a well-coached team, but can’t execute on game day. 

Lastly, the New York Jets have not won a game this season and have a slim-to-none chance of making the playoffs. They are the worst team in football. My prediction to win this division will be the Bills.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are AFC North leaders. They are the only team in the NFL that is still undefeated. The Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns also have winning records, but do not have the firepower to compete with Pittsburgh. There have been some down weeks for these two teams, while the Steelers look to be consistent all the way through. 

The last-place team in this division is the Cincinnati Bengals. The odds that the Bengals make the playoffs this year are slim. They do show a lot of promise for seasons to come, with rookie star Joe Burrow at quarterback. My prediction to win this division will be the Steelers. 

The AFC South is split in talent, with two really good teams and two bad teams. On the winning side, we have the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts. Tennessee sits at 6-2, while the Colts are at 5-3. These two teams match up twice over the next three weeks, which can be a deciding factor in who wins the division. 

Arguably, the AFC West is one of the easiest to predict. This division has a lot of good teams, including the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs lead this division with a 7-1 record. They arguably have one of the best quarterbacks in the league with Patrick Mahomes. The closest team, record-wise, to the Chiefs are the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders are coached very well and have capable personnel. The Raiders sit on a respectable 5-3 record and will have many opportunities to win games.

With eight weeks left in the season, time will tell if the teams on top can stay there, or if a surprise team can shock the world.