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Brisa Karow


Feature's Assistant Editor


Having graduated from NAU, education majors have stepped out into the real world. At their new jobs, they tackle the transition from taking classes to teaching them and the perks and downfalls of life after college. 

OPINION: The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade violates the First Amendment’s establishment of the separation of church and state. Individuals across the nation fight for their basic human rights in the wake of the recent ruling.


NAU Outdoor Adventures (@NAUCampusRec) rebuilds its program after its pandemic shutdown, offering opportunities for student-led outdoor recreation trips in the surrounding area.


.@NAU's ASL Club advocates for increased awareness and accessibility of deaf culture year-round and especially during National Deaf History Month — this includes a petition to implement ASL classes the entire student body would benefit from having. 


Curios Living Magazine, a student-run magazine based out of CCC, has veered from its original production format. Its curators have strived to provide a platform for local artists, especially overlooked voices – featured are members from Coconino County Jail. 


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